Susan Srour Property Manager and REALTOR®

Background + Experience


Susan’s entrepreneurial roots are a result of her parents. In 1968, Susan’s parents immigrated to the United States. With only the clothes on their backs and $200 in their pockets, they worked hard to turn a small amount of money into more. As a result of hard work and dedication to make a family flourish, Susan’s parents ran many successful businesses.

Over the years, Susan learned the value of hard work. At the young age of 13, Susan began working. From sweeping hair at her family’s Fantastic Sam’s Hair Salon to answering phone calls, Susan learned that by never giving up, success was inescapable. Throughout high school, self-reliance and the power of a never give up attitude, became a part of who she was.

Attributes like self-reliance and the power of a “never-give-up” attitude, are attributes that have become a part of her. By watching her parents push, no matter how hard the struggle or how high the sacrifice; Susan grew up to be the person she is today.

After high school, Susan attended North Carolina State University to pursue the love she had for science. With a double major in Chemistry and Biological Engineering, she graduated with honors in the year 2000. Shortly after, she went on to earn a Masters Degree at UCLA from the School of Public Health.


With a love for the energy, culture, and topography of Southern California, Susan made it her home. It is here where her love for real estate and all that it encompasses began. She purchased her first home, renovated it, and rented out. Eventually she sold it, but it was at this moment in her life, she was hooked!

Something about real estate turned a light on in Susan’s mind. Whether it was the tangibility of it, the no-nonsense of it, or the freedom it gave her , the experience was something she would never forget. 2003 marked a few highlights in Susan’s life, it was the same year she grated from UCLA with honors, and the year she married her husband Stephen Chiang.

Shortly after she married, Susan and her husband Stephen bought their first multiplex property. It was what as she describes, the moment she dove head first into the world of managing a real estate portfolio. Since 2001, Susan has been involved with real estate sales, and managing properties.

Having served as a homeowner’s association board member, her experience extends into HOA management. Clients describe her as, a thorough, detail-oriented real estate broker and property manager. Driven to do what ever it takes to turn her clients goals into successful outcomes. Susan is fluent in both English and Arabic, and looks forward to working with clients throughout the San Diego County.

Susan Srour
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