COVID-19 Operations Update

COVID-19 Operations Update

Office Policies

For more than a year and a half now, we have enacted strict COVID-19 policies. First, we do not allow people to enter our office without an appointment. If they come for an appointment they must wear a mask and go to the isolated area in the back lunch room for the meeting. This is a sterilized area and is wiped down after each meeting.

Employee Safety

Our employees must wear a mask all day and stay at least 6 feet apart with a HEPA filter by their workstation. Currently we are only allowing one property manager in the office at a time with support staff. This keeps the number of people together to a minimum. When we go out to locations, masks are worn on site with distancing. 

Safety Inspections & Repairs

With Covid, our 6 month safety inspections are even more difficult. The inspector wears a mask and gloves. They do not return to the office, but go home to clean up. Independent repair crews are wearing masks on job sites. At this time, materials are in short supply. Sometimes in cases like fence replacement or new power boxes, 3 to 5 wear house locations need to be visited to get the needed materials. Currently about 90% of materials can be found. When current needed parts are not available the repairs are being made in other ways.

Materials & Labor

For example, today we needed to add flooring to bedroom closets but the material wasn’t available in San Diego. So, we secured the closest match at the 3D store. Materials are scarce, but in better supply than last year. Prices are higher on most materials and labor. Fortunately, the majority of contractors used by Rancho Mesa have been with us for 20+ years and keep our clients first. Our firm has alway respected our service team members and paid promptly. This has assured full repair access through this global pandemic.