Good Tenants

Good Tenants

Good Tenants

Good tenants are hard to come by. Even someone who looks good on paper may not be the best fit. The reality is, leasing your rental to a new person can sometimes feel like a gamble. But, it does not have to be. You can reduce your risk of future issues by knowing the qualities of a good tenant. And, although it may be difficult to screen for, there are certain qualities that make someone stand out from the rest. After investing in a rental property, you want to be sure those renting it will take care of it. By creating a list of qualities to look for, you can avoid costly evictions, and potential damage to your property. With this in mind, we offer some insight on finding a qualified tenant.

Finding A Qualified Tenant 

A good landlord will go to great lengths to find a qualified renter for their property. That’s because qualified tenants are those with a proven track record. While no screening method is foolproof, there are certain factors you should look at that will give you a better chance. While it may take a little time and patience, it’s worth putting the right tenant in your rental property. Just keep in mind to avoid violating the Fair Housing Act! To ensure you avoid this, make sure to apply your rental application criteria equally to all applicants. Also, make sure that your determining factors are measurable. As an example, the rent to income ratio and credit score. In short, you cannot discriminate based on the following:

  • Race
  • Color
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Familial Status
  • Disability

In addition California Law also protects people from discrimination based on their

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity & Expression
  • Source Of Income
  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • Arbitrary Characteristics
    • Example: Refusing to rent to someone because he or she is gay
Good Tenants

Qualities of a Good Tenant

There are four basic traits that describe an ideal tenant. The ability and willingness to: pay rent, care for the rental property, avoid creating disturbances, and avoid drama. Good tenants care enough to at least try to make a good impression. They are friendly, show up on time, display some level of excitement for the rental property, and are respectful to the landlord. All the qualities mentioned are inherent to a responsible person. Look for applicants who are responsive to communications. The best applicants seem interested and ask questions about the rental property and surrounding area. With this in mind, we offer some more insight on the qualities of a good tenant. The ones you should be looking for.


A good tenant is responsible. The landlord-tenant relationship revolves around regular rent payments in exchange for a place to live. And, making on-time rent payments is one of the most important jobs for which a tenant is responsible. This is a no-brainer. A good rule of thumb is that the rent should not exceed 30 percent of the applicant’s income. Not only does a good tenant pay the rent on time, but they also take care of day-to-day maintenance issues like pulling the weeds, or changing the filters. Additionally, a responsible tenant will alert you to potential issues that need your attention such as a water leak. To find this quality in your potential renters, punctuality is your first indication. Check their credit report, too. That’s because responsible people pay their bills on time, and the credit score will reflect that.


Watch your applicants closely! Are they respectful of your time in terms of showing up on time for the appointment? If they are running late, did they let you know? You should expect a potential renter to be early or at least on time. When you meet them are they respectful and friendly? Or standoffish and rude? You want a tenant that is always polite and courteous. This makes all of your dealings much more comfortable for everyone involved. Starting your landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot is important.

Drama Free

While some tenant thrive on drama, others try to avoid it all together. This is the kind of tenant you want! That’s because tenants who thrive on drama are the tenants that call with excuse after excuse. In fact, rent to a tenant that is a drama queen and life is one problem after another, only you’re invited to the party. Avoid this type of tenant at all costs! That is, unless you like to deal with tenant drama. While empathy is generally a good character trait, it won’t help your rental business.  

When In Doubt

If you need help finding the right tenant, or need help managing the ones you already have, call us today! We take care of all types of residential rental properties including homes, condos, multiplexes such as duplex and triplexes, and even small apartment buildings. Whether you are interested in changing property managers, or simply looking to hire a property management company for the first time, we can help. Let us manage your rental properties, so you can enjoy your life! Call us today at (858) 576-2176. We will save you time, money, and the stress that comes along with managing your own rentals.

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