Lease Violations

Lease Violations

Lease Violations

Lease violations whether large or small, are an inevitable part of renting out your San Diego home. A strong lease is a landlord’s best friend. A lease provides a binding contract to enforce your property rules. And, it also serves as the foundation for a solid landlord-tenant relationship. But, the reality is, no one is perfect. Even the most responsible tenants are likely to pay the rent a day or two late. As a landlord, part of your job is making sure you have the most qualified tenant to live in your rental property. This means you must find tenants who respect the terms of the lease and have a history of following rental rules. For this reason, you should always include this as a factor in your tenant screening. That said, even when you do everything right, at some point you may have to deal with a lease violation. With this in mind, we offer some insight on the most common lease violations.

Common Lease Violations

From tenants sneaking a pet into their rental, to the long-term guests you didn’t know about. There are several common lease violations that you should take care to protect yourself against, and take action to remedy when they occur. Most tenants can recognize activities that will violate a lease agreement like throwing all night parties. But in their haste to move in, they are likely to skim over some of the less obvious lease violations. In this case, you should be aware of the most common lease violations and how to deal with them.

Property Damage

Most standard leases stipulate that a rental unit be returned in the same condition as move-in. And, while most tenants understand what this means, there are others who don’t. Whether it is a broken window or holes from nails on every wall, if your property is damaged who is paying for the repairs? However, for the damage to be actionable, it must be in excess of normal wear and tear. From torn up carpet and punching holes in the walls, to crayon marks all over your walls. To prevent property damage before it happens, make sure your tenants understand the terms of their lease.

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Unauthorized Pets

If you have a no pet policy, inevitably you will encounter a tenant who decides to sneak one in. In fact, an unauthorized pet lease violation is the most common type of lease violation. Unauthorized pets are typically discovered during a routine inspection, or while maintenance vendor is doing a repair. When you find yourself in a situation like this, make sure you are prepared to handle it legally and professionally. Remember, you need to stick to your lease terms and follow the legal procedure properly. If you suspect a tenant is not complying with you pet policy, get them to remedy the lease violation immediately.

Long-Term Guests

Any person who stays at your property that is not listed on the lease agreement is considered a guest of your tenant. A temporary guest changes to a long-term guest when they take up residence on your property without permission from a manager or owner. The problem with this is that a long-term guest can become a liability when they fail to uphold the rules of your property and conditions of the lease agreement. The bottom line, if the guest is not on the lease, then they are not subject to the same terms and conditions as your tenant. For this reason, it’s best to get your tenant to remedy the situation as soon as possible. And, never forget to always enforce your lease agreements no matter what.

Lease Violations

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