Managing A Rental In San Diego

Managing A Rental In San Diego

Managing A Rental In San Diego

Managing a rental in San Diego today isn’t easy. With rent caps, eviction freezes, and tenants unable to pay their rent, San Diego landlords need a strategy to remain successful. Especially when you consider the unemployment benefits that have proven so important have now lapsed. With renters more concerned than ever. And landlords equally concerned, knowing how to keep your rental business running smoothly is very important. What you need most right now is information that you can put into action right away. That’s because managing a rental in San Diego comes with some extra challenges. For this reason, here is what you need to know about temporary rent freezes and eviction moratoriums.

The information in this article is not a substitute for legal advice.

Managing A Rental In San Diego: Eviction Moratoriums

On June 30th, 2020, the San Diego City Council extended the citywide temporary ban on evictions through September 30, 2020. What this means is that residents have more time to come up with their rent payments. Although it requires tenants provide verifiable information that they are unable to pay rent because of the financial effects of COVID-19 in order to qualify, it does not relieve them from paying their rent. In fact, there is a list of requirements for tenants who cannot pay their rent which can be viewed here.

Examples of Financial Effects of COVID-19:

  • A substantial decrease in household income
  • Loss of work or hours of work
  • Substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses

Managing A Rental In San Diego During Coronavirus

Managing a rental in San Diego is already tough enough given the current circumstances. But what would make it even harder, is the passing of yet another rent extension. And, that unfortunately, may actually happen. In fact, the San Diego City Council voted 5-4 to increase the time renters have to pay back the rent that is owed. This means if it is passed, renters will have until December 30, 2020. For this reason, you may need to work with your tenants and even come up with a plan on how to deal with late or missed rent payments.

How To Deal With Late or Missed Rent Payments:

With the coronavirus forcing San Diegans out of work, many landlords are dealing with tenants struggling to pay rent. Inevitably, this means you may need to figure out how to work with your tenants. And, the best place to start is opening the lines of communication, here’s how:

  • Have A Plan: commit to having a plan written down for how you will deal with late or missed rent payments
  • Empathize: make sure to listen to your tenant, talk to them, and empathize with them
  • Remind Them: make sure they understand you have a mortgage to pay and that rent is still due
  • Give Them Options: make them aware of assistance programs being offered, allow them to pay with a credit card

Managing A Rental In San Diego

Need Help Managing Your San Diego Rentals?

With the coronavirus forcing San Diegans out of work, many landlords are dealing with tenants struggling to pay rent due to financial hardship caused by the pandemic. For this reason, it may be wise to hire a property management company who understands how to deal with these types of situations. At Rancho Mesa Properties, all of our property managers  are trained to understand and abide by all federal, state and local laws. This means, we can help you navigate your business under the current circumstances while ensuring you stay profitable. 

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