Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Regular property maintenance is the least expensive and most effective way to ensure small problems never turn into big ones. And, with the first official day of summer only a couple of days away, preparing your rentals for the hot summer months is important. That’s because during the summer temperatures rise, and fire dangers are at an all time high. While regular preventative maintenance is important, summer brings with it even more property maintenance tasks to perform. As a landlord, you know how important it is to be in tune with your tenant’s needs. Keep your rental properties functioning optimally and tenants happy by performing these summer property maintenance tasks.

Summer Maintenance

With 80% of all moves happening during the months of April through September, summer is a busy time for rental property owners. However, regardless of how busy things can get, it is still important to take care of summer maintenance tasks for your rental property. That’s because maintaining your property is important to ensuring the safety and comfort of your tenants.

From broken down air conditioners to fireproofing rentals, now is the time to ensure your rental properties are ready for summer. By getting into the habit of performing summer maintenance tasks, you keep your tenants happy and retain your property’s value. Property maintenance tip: perform seasonal inspections to assess the property for any needed repairs.

Summer Rental Property Inspection

The best way to ensure your rental property is properly maintained and in great condition is to conduct regular inspections. Summer rental property inspections go hand in hand with seasonal maintenance. That’s because each season calls for different preventative property maintenance tasks, when performed keeps your property. That’s because, each season calls for different exterior and interior preventative maintenance at your property, like cleaning gutters during fall or servicing the AC during summer. A summer rental property inspection will allow you to ensure lease compliance and assess the property for any needed repairs. With this in mind, start with the needed repairs and then move onto these preventative maintenance tips for the summertime.


Property Maintenance

Air Conditioners & Appliances

You should check to make sure all appliances are in good working condition. Check and replace filters, and pay special attention to the condition of your HVAC equipment. Maintaining your air conditioning units properly will help keep your tenants cool during the warmer days. Failing to perform this task means that when the AC fails to deliver cold air and your renter’s temperature starts to rise, the amount of service calls will also start to rise. Everyone knows that hotter weather puts extra strain on your HVAC system. So, make sure your air conditioning units are ready for the heat by getting it serviced by a professional.

A Full AC Service Should Include:

  • Checking thermostats and controls
  • Changing air filters, belts, and hoses (when needed)
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Tightening connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking duct work and the condensate drain
  • Thorough cleaning of coils and blower

Fire & Safety

Wildfires pose a serious threat to any landlord, and San Diego is no stranger to the devastation they cause. Prepare your rental property for high heat by removing fire dangers. Trim trees and bushes, and take care to remove dead plants. Additionally, reduce the amount of exposed combustible fuels by remove the litter on roofs and from rain gutters, prune vegetation, and place woodpiles at least 30 feet away from the property in a graveled area. To further protect against summer fires, tests smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Although your tenants should monitor their own, problem tenants can easily overlook maintaining these important safety features.

Summer Maintenance for Rental Properties:

  • Pest Control: bugs love warm weather, ants, mosquitoes, wasps and spiders, treating your property will help stop them before they become a problem
  • Inspect: sinks, toilets, and showers for leaks that can lead to water damage if left untreated
  • Sprinklers: servicing the irrigation system can be a big savings on water usage, preventing landscape damage, and avoiding standing water
  • Check: windows and doors, look for gaps around windows and doors that could let hot air in and cold air out


Summer is a busy time, but staying on top of a regular maintenance schedule throughout the busiest leasing season is key. By using a seasonal property maintenance schedule to perform upkeep on your properties, you can keep your rentals looking their best year-round and reduce unanticipated problems. If you are struggling to keep up with regular maintenance tasks, consider hiring a property management company. We believe that quick, reliable, and cost-effective property maintenance is key in upholding the integrity of a rental property and ultimately helps cultivate a healthy, happy relationship between tenant, property, and owner. Contact us today at (858) 576-2176 to learn more about our property management services.