Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Services Overview

Our sole focus is on our clients’ satisfaction. For this reason, we adapt our services to fulfill the individual needs of every client we serve. Our service offerings include consultations, residential leasing, property management services, and document preparation services. For more information and pricing, please choose the service that best suits you, or call us today (858) 576-2176.

Rent Collection Services


Property management services must be well rounded, our tenant portal allows for secure online rent collection, as well as auto payments reducing the risk of late or missed payments.


Our software allows owners to create an owner portal that is easy to use while giving quick, easy access to property data including: custom statements, year-end statements and more.

Monthly Owner Statement Services
Rental Advertising


Vacant units are posted to our website in a professionally designed format with marketing photos and a description. Additionally, it is pushed out to over 17 third party websites (i.e.,,, to ensure a quick turnover.


Our state-of-the-art tenant screening pulls credit and criminal background checks, as well as employment verification and rental history.

Tenant Screening Services
Maintenance Services


We manage and complete all necessary maintenance requests. Our long-term relationships with quality service providers ensure quick response (available 24/7) and fair and reasonable costs for services. Additionally, clients get copies of every billed invoice providing full disclosure of the expense.


We offer a wide variety of maintenance, remodeling, refurbishment, and landscaping services that will keep your property in optimum condition. Our contractors cover a broad range of trades and are rich in talent and professionalism.

Remodeling Services
Move in Move Out Inspection Services


Full property inspection with date and time stamped photos, as well as a detailed report outlining the condition of the property at move-in and move-out.


If necessary, a three-day pay or quit is posted and aggressively pursue collection of rents.

Late Rent Payment Services
Eviction Services


Rancho Mesa Properties represents owners with eviction proceedings with current non-paying tenants and in the rare occurrence a tenant placed with by our firm in a unit leads to an eviction, we will represent the owner in court every step of the way with no cost, except outside eviction attorney expense.


As per new California law 2016, all smoke detectors in rental units need to be certified on a regularly basis. Rancho Mesa Properties performs semi-annual inspections of all rental properties and smoke detectors to ensure the are always checked for proper performance.

Rent Collection Services


Complete payments of all owner authorized property expenses such as: Maintenance invoices, HOA, property taxes, and mortgages.


If you would like our advice on your property’s current rental value and to hear about our services in greater detail we would be delighted to meet you at your property and give you our undivided attention. During this time we will offer you information about the current market rental value as well as advice about the condition of your property including suggestions on maintenance items you should consider. This consultation can be a true benefit to you while making decisions about property management services. Our consultation service is completely complimentary and does not obligate you in any way.

Consultation Services
Leasing Services


If you prefer to handle the day-to-day management of your property but you do not have the time or availability to market and show vacancies on a moment’s notice, nor the expertise in choosing a new tenant and preparing the proper documents, this is the right program for you!


If you would prefer not to get a phone call at 3:00am about a leaking water heater or broken air conditioner, this program is designed for you. We will handle all aspects of caring for your property on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis!

Property Management Services
Specializing in Residential Properties
More Facts

Property Management Services San Diego, we are the San Diego property management company who cares; we manage individual units throughout San Diego County. Rancho Mesa Properties is one of the most exclusive property management companies in that we can handle each our client we have like they the most important one we have. We have the ability to manage our clients entire San Diego rental property management needs.


Our Property Management Services San Diego include, managing Single Family Homes, Condos, Apartment Buildings, while also providing many other business services for Home Owners. Our Property Management Services San Diego began three generations ago which has allowed us to gain valuable experience and enable our property managers to manage our client’s entire portfolios.


By choosing our property management services San Diego you will be getting a qualified and professional San Diego Property Management company that will ensure you always feel like out most important client. A professional San Diego property management staff that will allow you the freedom you are looking for when hiring a San Diego property management company delivers our comprehensive San Diego property management service. Clients who use our Property Management Services for their San Diego rentals feel confident that their properties and tenants are getting the care that is needed.


Our goal at Rancho Mesa Properties is to create and maintain the financial success of your rental property, while freeing you from the day-to-day management responsibilities. You will find that Rancho Mesa Property management San Diego is the most advanced San Diego property management company and our San Diego property management services are consistently updated to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. With a strong San Diego property management company, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without having the headaches that sometimes accompany the management of your investment.


Rancho Mesa San Diego property management marketing program, combined with our dominant position in the San Diego rental property management marketplace increases traffic for your rental property. As a result, we are able to consistently rent properties, priced as current market rates, to qualified tenants in approximately thirty days. We are the San Diego property management company that understands placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the process. Our San Diego Property Management, rental applicants are thoroughly screened by running industry-specific credit reports and by verifying employment and previous rental history.


San Diego Property management companies are not all created equally our San Diego property management company prides itself on being among the more personalized San Diego property management companies, and we have many resources that are used to help get your properties rented out. If you are looking for the best service a San Diego property management company can deliver with one of the best prices for San Diego property Management you have found the right place. Rancho Mesa San Diego Property management philosophy is to provide the best service at the best price throughout San Diego County.

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