Maintenance Services

We believe that quick, reliable, and cost-effective property maintenance is key in upholding the integrity of a rental property and ultimately helps cultivate a healthy, happy relationship between tenant, property, and owner.

Our preventative maintenance policy helps to minimize tenant turnover while sustaining the owner’s property value. 

The reality is, even when you have the best tenants there will always be a bit of wear and tear. We strive to ensure that each repair that is needed or maintenance that must be completed is done during the in-between renters stage so that your rental property is renter ready!

All owners are contacted on repairs over $250.00, unless responding to an emergency call. Owners are contacted the next business day after an emergency event. Our contractors respond quickly to requests, as it is understood by all that delays in finding the next tenant can mean lost rental income.

Improving/maintaining your property condition includes:

  • Preparing a rental unit for a new tenant
  • Resolving municipal code inspection deficiencies
  • Performing repairs, when required
  • Providing emergency, routine and preventative maintenance
  • Remodeling and modernizing kitchens, bathrooms and more
  • Coordinating landscaping and pest control services


We know you have to invest in your investment, but we also believe in maximizing your profits while minimizing your expenses. Sometimes spending a little money during a vacancy can ultimately save you money later. Our property managers will help guide you through the various types of maintenance your rental property may need.

Maintenance Management
Maintenance Services


The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your rental property in working order for the least amount of money possible. By keeping track of how long you have owned appliances, recording names of paint colors, and logging all of the costs of the property it will not only make turnover easier, it will also help should there be any discrepancies with a tenant. We can help you facilitate all of the necessary repairs to quickly rent your vacancy and keep your rental properties running smoothly.


No management company should be without the ability to handle every conceivable maintenance issue at your property. At Rancho Mesa Properties, we use a combination of our own maintenance technicians and a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property quality work at reasonable prices and quick turnaround. Let us help you with all your property maintenance service needs. 

Remodeling Services
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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