Renovation Services
Renovation Services


Our renovations includes a wide variety of services such as maintenance, remodeling, refurbishment and landscaping that will keep your property in optimum condition.

  • Could your rental property produce more income, if modernized?
  • Does your property lack the curb appeal to draw a quality tenant?
  • Is your investment in need of minor, cosmetic or major repairs?

We work with independent contractors that are licensed by the State of California. Additionally, they also carry their own Workman’s Compensation insurance and are highly competitive with project pricing. The before and after pictures on the left show the high quality workmanship that our team of contractors can deliver!


Our goal is to keep the current tenant happy with cost effective maintenance. Our preventative maintenance policy helps to minimize tenant turnover while sustaining the owner’s property value. Wear and tear is inevitable, at Rancho Mesa Properties our preventative maintenance policy utilizes the time a property has when it is in-between renters.

The reality is, even when you have the best tenants there will always be a bit of wear and tear. We strive to ensure that each and every repair that is needed or maintenance that must be completed is done during the in-between renters stage so that your rental property is renter ready!

Maintenance Services
Remodeling Services


Whether your property just experienced water damage from a broken water line or a fire due to unattended food on the stove, Rancho Mesa Properties can get the right professionals on task quickly, minimizing the property downtime.


What is your curb appeal? The exterior of your rental property is the first thing people will see. Unmaintained, unappealing or uninviting rental property exteriors will be the first to be eliminated from a prospective renters list! The interior of your rental property is just as important as the exterior! As a rental property owner you must give prospective tenants a vision and help them answer the most important question “Can I see myself living here?”

Dark or cramped interiors, outdated kitchens, outdated appliances, bad floors, old carpet and so on will only reap you the benefit of not attracting the right tenants. Moreover, if your rental property is not appealing your ability to receive a competitive price for your rental decreases substantially.

At Rancho Mesa Properties, our contractors work to enhance your rental property. Our landscaping and remodeling services will help you ensure that your rental property reaches its fullest potential thus giving you the ability to not only attract the right kind of tenants, but also a competitive price for your rental.

For property enhancements over $1000 we charge 10% of the total project value (to manage the project).

Remodeling and Landscaping Services
Rental Management Services
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.