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Unique Challenges 

Condos present several unique challenges. Although managing a condo is similar to other kinds of property management, such as apartments or single family homes, there are a few things that need to be managed differently. As an example, what do you do when a tenant wants to keep their full garbage bags or hideous decor on their patios? How do you deal with a broken pipe in an upper-level condo causing water damage on the lower floors? Most condos have limited parking spots, so how do you deal with tenants wanting to have lots of guests over, or more than just 1-2 cars?

Hiring a property management company is a no-brainer for landlords who don’t want to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of real estate ownership. Some don’t have the capacity; others don’t have the interest. In either case, a property management company allows owners to take a hands-off approach while the property management company uses their expertise, skills, and time management to protect the owner’s investment. Property management companies like ours partner with your HOA to optimize property values and ensure harmonious living environments for your tenants.

What To Expect

The HOA has the right to expect all residents, whether owner or renter, to play by the rules. But with renters, it’s up to the landlord to enforce the community’s rules, not the HOA. An HOA may require that all rental agreements reference the documents that govern the HOA, including the CC&R and Rules and Regulations. Your HOA may require you to do several things before you can rent out your condo.

  • You may need to provide a set of governing documents (CC&Rs) & rules to renters before move in
  • HOA rules & regulations may be a condition of all rental agreements
  • Landlords are held accountable for renter infractions
  • Renters must communicate requests to the HOA through the landlord
  • Board may demand termination of a tenant with multiple rule violations
  • Landlord must provide a copy of each rental agreement to ensure compliance with the HOA’s standards and for emergency contact purposes

Remember, renting out a condo is not like renting out an apartment or a single family home. As your property management company we deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry. We market your rentals, collect rent, handle maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, deal with your HOA, and even pursue evictions when necessary...

Property Management Services

Rental Advertising


Creating a buzz to attract renters to your properties is what we do best. As a result, our property management company can hit all the demographics. Our rental property advertising is created to appeal to those looking for a new rental. With easy navigation tools, protective tenants can see photos and details of your rentals. Even more, they can apply online right from your unique landing page!


Our state-of-the-art tenant screening pulls credit and criminal background checks, as well as employment verification and rental history. We only place the best possible tenants in your property. We will  screen, background, income, credit history, and rental history.

  • Grade each prospective tenant according to pre-defined tenant criteria.
  • Inform prospective tenants when they are turned down.
Tenant Screening Services
Rent Collection Services


As an effective well established property management company in San Diego, our main objective is turning your properties into lucrative investments. At the forefront of everything we do, maximizing income to our clients is critical to our success. Our goal at Rancho Mesa Properties is to create and maintain the financial success of your rental property, while freeing you from the day-to-day management responsibilities.


Our goal is to keep the current tenant happy with cost effective maintenance. Our preventative maintenance policy helps to minimize tenant turnover while sustaining the owner’s property value. Wear and tear is inevitable, at Rancho Mesa Properties our preventative maintenance policy utilizes the time a property has when it is in-between renters.

Maintenance Services

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