Rental Property Management San Diego

Rental Property Management San Diego

Rental Property Management San Diego

Rental Property Management

Rental property management is not just about collecting the rent and calling it a day! As a rental property owner, you must acknowledge the importance of preventive maintenance. The reality is, a rental property will not enjoy long-term tenant retention and an acceptable return on investment, unless it is maintained properly.

There are two important factors a rental property owner has to deal with, how long it takes to re-rent your property, and vacancies. Yet, in spite of this, many rental property owners are guilty of neglecting the importance of preventive maintenance.

The San Diego rental market is tough and competitive. In a tough rental market, as a rental property owner your sole priority is to ensure you do all you can to maximize your investment. A well-maintained property not only ensures happy tenants, it also ensures higher rents.

Finding the right kind of tenant means you will have to make sure your rental property does not look run down and in need of repairs or improvements, and the only way to do that, is by being proactive…

Preventative Maintenance does not cost it pays!

Rental Property Management San Diego

Preventative Maintenance

There are many variables that impacts rents such as, the age of the rental property, the location of the rental property, surrounding competition, and perhaps the most important the appeal of your rental property. Rental properties naturally deteriorate overtime, and without a preventative maintenance plan in place, and a budget set aside for it, you will end up spending a lot more than you could ever imagine.

Preventative maintenance is no different then how you maintain your own home. Preventative maintenance can be thought of as a way to fix problems before they happen. By having a preventative maintenance plan in place, problems are found before they become a major complication.

To fully understand what we mean there are two ways to look at maintenance, one is proactive and one is reactive:

Preventative & Routine Maintenance (On-going & Proactive):

  • This type of maintenance might consist of:
    • Cleaning common areas
    • Landscape maintenance
    • Regularly scheduled checks and services of HVAC systems (heating and air)
    • Regularly scheduled checks of plumbing and electrical systems
    • Proper upkeep of rental property components including roofing, flooring, wood, and any other structure components

Repairs & Corrective Maintenance (Higher Maintenance Requests, Higher Labor & Reactive):

  • This type of maintenance might consist of:
    • Fixing problems
    • Repairing broken things
    • Repairing, fixing, or replacing things that no longer work or function properly
    • Usually resulting in emergency situations
    • The solution: preventive maintenance

Proactive VS. Reactive


To be proactive, is to control a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. To be reactive, one is acting in response to a situation rather than controlling it. Proactive maintenance focuses on preventing problems before they happen, and reactive maintenance, reacts to problems as they occur. In the long-term, proactive maintenance saves rental property owners not only money, but also the headache of dealing with costs, which they may not have budgeted for in the first place.

To fully understand the impact proactive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance can have on your bottom-line, we compare the two below:

Proactive Maintenance:

  • Helps prevent repairs
  • Keeps equipment and systems performing better and longer
  • Reduces the labor needs to perform repairs and fixes
  • Time spent on maintenance sessions is less then reactive ones
  • Higher initial costs, lower long-term costs

Reactive Maintenance:

  • Lower initial costs, higher long-term costs
  • Lack of preventative maintenance leads to an increased number of reactive repairs and fixes (emergency calls, and so on)
  • Equipment and systems are less reliable and more often then not, may require multiple maintenance calls just to get it back to working order
  • Labor intensive
  • Takes days versus minutes or hours, to repair, fix, or rehab
  • Requires more labor in man-hours and overall efforts
  • Requires more time to perform maintenance

Proactive Maintenance does not cost it pays…

Why Good Property Management MATTERS

The San Diego rental market is one of the most competitive, in that as the inventory for houses on the market drop, the need for rentals goes up; and thus price follows. Economically speaking, when the demand goes up, price goes up, it is simple supply and demand 101. San Diego rents have increased 5.3% year over year, and will continue to do so due to factors that have an impact on the rental market. This is one of many things your property management company should know if you as a rental property owner are looking to increase your revenue as rents increase.

Because property owners have uniquely different needs, Rancho Mesa Properties offers a wide range of property management services we use to customize our offerings. We know that each client is different, which is why we customize each management proposal. If you are looking for a property management company that will create a solution fit just for you, call Rancho Mesa today!

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Looking to lease, manage and maintain your rental property? Want to reduce costs and maximize your rental revenue? Our comprehensive property management service ensures excellence in every little detail. Whether you own one property or a portfolio of many rental properties, Rancho Mesa Properties has the expertise, technology and experienced team to help you maximize your rental investments.

Rancho Mesa Properties is a full-service San Diego property management company that specializes in the management, marketing, and leasing of rental properties. Our innovative technology and experienced team enables our rental management and leasing services to be more affordable and economically advantageous for all San Diego rental property owners and investors. Call us TODAY, (858) 576-2176.

San Diego Property Management

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Welcome to Rancho Mesa Properties, your resource for the best property management services in San Diego. Whether you own one rental property or several, selecting the right property management company is IMPORTANT! At Rancho Mesa Properties, we build one-to-one relationships with every client.

Our teams of property managers are trained to use their knowledge and experience to guide every client through the process of managing their rental properties so they feel at ease. Our intent is to help each of our clients make the right choices when it comes to their rental properties.

We want each of you to remember, your property manager works for you, not the other way around! We strive to make each and every person we come in contact with feel like THE most important client we have.

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Rancho Mesa Properties specializes in San Diego Rental Property Management including homes, condos, apartment buildings and more…

Unlike most companies, we are interested in our clients’ needs and specific long-term goals. Our professional relationships are built on a long-term basis. Numerous clients have been with us for many years. Our objective is to accomplish your goals and become a trusted member of your financial team.

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At Rancho Mesa Properties, our philosophy is to make every client feel like they are the most important clients we have!

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Our promise to you, to provide you with property management solutions that fit your unique needs and deliver a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

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