Residual Income, San Diego Property Management

Residual Income, San Diego Property Management

Renting in San Diego


Residual Income

Residual income can come from owing a rental property or two… for some, it is the key to their financial freedom. Having a steady stream of residual income is one of the main reasons rental property owners invest in rental property. However, the true key to generating residual income when it comes to rental properties entails many things. It is not just about collecting rents, and calling it a day; managing rental properties ­in a way that maximizes rental income, is hard work!

Rental property owners have to pay attention to their vacancy rates and turnover costs. The average vacancy rate for San Diego is currently only 3%. Just because this is true, does not mean that every single property in San Diego will be rented quickly. The truth is, a rental property will not enjoy low vacancy rates and low turnover costs if it is not managed and maintained properly.

A smart rental property owner knows, that taking the time to source the right property management company to oversee their rentals will ease the hard work that comes with managing rentals properties. It allows a rental property owner to generate that steady stream of monthly income they are looking for, without the headache of doing the time consuming work.

With the right property management company, a smart rental property owner knows it will require little to no effort on their part to do what needs to be done. The San Diego rental market is tough and competitive. In a tough rental market, as a rental property owner your sole priority is to ensure you do all you can to maximize your investment.

Renting in San Diego

The San Diego rental market is one of the most competitive, in that as the inventory for houses on the market drop, the need for rentals goes up; and thus price follows. Economically speaking, when the demand goes up, price goes up, it is simple supply and demand 101. San Diego rents have increased 5.3% year over year, and will continue to do so due to factors that have an impact on the rental market.

This is one of many things your property management company should know if you as a rental property owner are looking to increase your monthly income as rents increase.

American Home Ownership and Vacancies

Home ownership increased slightly in the 4th quarter of 2015 63.8% from 63.7% in the 3d quarter. This is up from the all-time low in 48 years of 63.4%. This is extremely modest. However, the number of renting families increased by 300,000 year over year in the 4th quarter of 22015. This rental family growth is slowing homeownership growth.

Inventory Problem

For sale housing has been declining, but demand for affordable housing has not. With low supply and strong demand, home prices are on the rise. The percentage of homes selling at list price or higher is back to pre-crisis levels. Existing – home sales in 2015 experienced their best year since 2006. Analysts predict that a repeat in 2016 is likely, if inventory remains at current levels.


San Diego Property Management

Because property owners have uniquely different needs, Rancho Mesa Properties offers a wide range of property management services we use to customize our offerings. We know that each client is different, which is why we customize each management proposal. If you are looking for a property management company that will create a solution fit just for you, call Rancho Mesa today!

San Diego Rentals

Looking to lease, manage and maintain your rental property? Want to reduce costs and maximize your rental revenue? Our comprehensive property management service ensures excellence in every little detail. Whether you own one property or a portfolio of many rental properties, Rancho Mesa Properties has the expertise, technology and experienced team to help you maximize your rental investments.

Rancho Mesa Properties is a full-service San Diego property management company that specializes in the management, marketing, and leasing of rental properties. Our innovative technology and experienced team enables our rental management and leasing services to be more affordable and economically advantageous for all San Diego rental property owners and investors. Call us TODAY!

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