Rising Rents, San Diego Rental Properties

Rising Rents, San Diego

Rising Rents, San Diego Rental Properties

Rising Rents

Rising rents for San Diego rental properties seems to be a trend that continues to grow. With low vacancy rates, and high demand, the cost to rent a home, condo, or apartment in San Diego is getting higher, and higher. The rising rents in San Diego, paints a clear picture, one that is good for the rental property owner, but bad for renters. The truth is, there is no end in site when it comes to just how high we will see the rents in San Diego rise.

The robust demand for a rental is continuously squeezing renters in San Diego, the supplies are low, the demand is high, and the price to buy a home, is altogether another story in itself! The American Dream of owning a home is all to often one of the fastest fading dreams. The truth is, a home for sale in San Diego comes with a very expensive price tag.

Today, people are spending more and more on rent, and less on the American Dream…

Home Ownership

U.S. Census Bureau recently reported U.S home ownership fell to the lowest level in the last 48 years. The issue is not that America is not farming more new households. The problem is that fewer and fewer households can afford to buy a house. This fact is resulting in more and more American’s choosing to rent homes and apartments, thus raising rents through most of the county.

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About Our Company

Rancho Mesa Rentals specializes in San Diego Rental Property Management including homes, condos, apartment buildings and more…

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