San Diego Neighborhoods

San Diego Neighborhoods

San Diego Neighborhoods

From sophisticated to charismatic and historic to hipster, San Diego neighborhoods are unique. With more than 100 colorful and unique neighborhoods, each with a style and personality of their own, San Diego is a thriving area. Whether it is the outdoor activities, arts and culture, or dining and shopping that attracts so many, San Diego neighborhoods run the gamut. Rich in diversity, charismatic and sophisticated every area in the San Diego County offers a different vibe and housing options. So, whether you are a rental owner, or someone looking to rent in a specific area, we offer some insight on some of the most charming San Diego neighborhoods.

San Diego Neighborhoods

Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego’s urban playground, the Gaslamp Quarter is the historic heart of downtown San Diego. Home to the Convention Center, Petco Park and San Diego Bay, millions of locals and visitors converge for the dinging and nightlife. With 16½-blocks of historic enchantment, the Gaslamp Quarter combines urban living with Victorian charm. What makes this urban district unlike any other, is its colorful history, combined with its modern-day, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. So, whether you are looking to rent a home out, or want to rent one, this is a neighborhood where you simply can’t go wrong.

Average Rent Price in Gaslamp

Rent prices in the Gaslamp Quarter tend to run higher than other San Diego neighborhoods. In fact, the average rent in Gaslamp San Diego is $2,482 which is 10% higher than the San Diego average.

North Park San Diego Neighborhood

North Park

Known for being incredibly culturally diverse, North Park was named as one of the best hipster neighborhoods in America by Forbes. It is an eclectic neighborhood, that offers a dynamic mix of coffee houses, cafes, retail shops, and art galleries. With the city’s most up and coming restaurant row, it also has a dynamic local craft beer scene. What will you find when you wander around this eclectic neighborhood is an authentic experience for everyone! From foodies to fashionistas and music enthusiasts, whether you want to rent a home or rent out your home, you can’t go wrong in this neighborhood. 

Average Rent Price in North Park

Rent prices in North Park San Diego tend to run lower than other San Diego neighborhoods. In fact, the average rent in North Park is $1,581 which is 30% lower than the San Diego average.

Normal Heights San Diego Neighborhood

Normal Heights

With unique antique stores and quirky coffeehouses, Normal Heights offers a free-spirited environment. With hip cafes, gastropubs, craft beer bars and diverse restaurants, especially along Adams Avenue. Normal Heights is one of many great San Diego neighborhoods. As the Washington Post put it, there is nothing normal this neighborhood. In fact, pedestrian-friendly Adams Avenue is know for its cool lineup of indie boutiques and hip eateries. Start in the middle or work your way from one end to the other. It does not matter, you can’t go wrong in this hipster-friendly neighborhood. So, whether you are looking to rent a home or rent one out, this is the place to do that! In fact, most residents rent their homes in this neighborhoods.

Average Rent Price in Normal Heights

With nearly 69% of residents renting their homes in Normal Heights, the average rent is about $1,247.

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