San Diego Rental Market

San Diego Rental Market

San Diego Rental Market

Rental and Housing Market Update


The San Diego Rental Market is currently at a 2.6% vacancy rate. Last year apartment rents increased faster nationwide than in any time since 2007. In fact, the average nationwide rental increase was 4.6% signaling that the San Diego rental market is strong. Not only is the San Diego Rental market stronger then ever, so are the rental values. You have to ask yourself, is your property management company ensuring your future? Has your property manager done their due diligence by ensuring you are making the most from your rental properties?

At Rancho Mesa Properties, you can count on our team to work on each individual property to raise rents throughout 2016. Just one of the many benefits our clients receive…

Remember, good property management does not cost it pays!


San Diego Rentals

Multi-Family Apartments

Multi-family apartment buyers are in very hot competition to buy San Diego buildings. This is from the strong job creation in Professional, Technical and Scientific industries bringing young individuals into the community. Large investors are buying any newer properties with just 3% return on invested capital. They are betting on the appreciation of the San Diego market place.


San Diego Housing Market Update

San Diego home sales were up 6% in 2015, 9% in 2014, and 14% in 2013. The projection for 2016 is about 3.5%. However, we at Rancho Mesa Properties think that with the shortage of product the current estimations are slightly low. Affordability is a big issue now. The average price house is $520,000.00 the average condominium $345,000.00. This is a tremendous amount of money to borrow for the average San Diego family who earns $63,000.00 a year in total income.

This is a great year to have rental properties in our community. The San Diego rental market looks stronger then ever, and from what we can see, the future of the rental market will only continue to go. We look forward to being of service to you in rental or sale of your property.

Remember, good property management does not cost it pays. Get rented faster and maximize your property’s potential today! At Rancho Mesa Properties, we turn your properties into lucrative investments.


Property Management

Looking to lease, manage and maintain your rental property? Want to reduce costs and maximize your rental revenue? Our comprehensive property management service ensures excellence in every little detail. Whether you own one property or a portfolio of many rental properties, Rancho Mesa Properties has the expertise, technology and experienced team to help you maximize your rental investments.

Rancho Mesa Properties is a full-service San Diego property management company that specializes in the management, marketing, and leasing of rental properties. Our innovative technology and experienced team enables our rental management and leasing services to be more affordable and economically advantageous for all San Diego rental property owners and investors. Call us TODAY!

San Diego Property Management

San Diego Property Management Company

Welcome to Rancho Mesa Properties, your resource for the best property management services in San Diego… Whether you own one rental property or several selecting the right property management company is IMPORTANT! At Rancho Mesa Properties, we build one-to-one relationships with every client.

Our teams of property managers are trained to use their knowledge and experience to guide every client through the process of managing their rental properties so they feel at ease. Our intent is to help each of our clients make the right choices when it comes to their rental properties.

We want each of you to remember, your property manager works for you… not the other way around! We strive to make each and every person we come in contact with feel like THE most important client we have… because the truth is, YOU ARE.

Contact our San Diego Property Management office today and let us help you fulfill your property management needs by exceeding your expectations. All we need is one chance to show you why making the switch to Rancho Mesa Properties makes sense.

We look forward to serving YOU!


About Rancho Mesa Properties

Rancho Mesa Properties specializes in San Diego Rental Property Management including homes, condos, apartment buildings and more…

Unlike most companies, we are interested in our clients’ needs and specific long-term goals. Our professional relationships are built on a long-term basis. Numerous clients have been with us for many years. Our objective is to accomplish your goals and become a trusted member of your financial team.

Rancho Mesa Properties, providing useful property management information so that you can make educated decisions for the growth of your investments. Discover what it is like to have a team dedicated to YOU!

What Makes Us Unique

Are you looking for a San Diego Property Management Company to help you rent and managed your rental properties? Contact us today to see how Rancho Mesa Properties can help.

At Rancho Mesa Properties, our philosophy is to make every client feel like they are the most important client we have!

Our team listens carefully to each client ensuring they feel listened to and heard. Our Mission will always be to grow one-to-one relationships with everyone we meet.

WE always take the time our clients deserve to provide them with the right property management solutions. We realize that each client is unique and strive to serve them in a way that helps to fulfill each and every need they have…

We are real people who do business with both our minds and our hearts.

Our promise to you, to provide you with property management solutions that fit your unique needs and deliver a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

We welcome you to…

Discover, what it is like to have a team of property managers that focuses solely on YOU. Let Rancho Mesa Properties be the solution you look to for all of your property management needs.

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