Section 8

Section 8

Section 8

The housing choice voucher program often referred to; as Section 8 is a federally funded program, that pays about 70 percent of low-income residents’ rent. The housing voucher program assists very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. Its aim is to ensure those within this demographic can afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing. The program provides qualifying families with assistance in paying monthly rental fees. Section 8 is in every major city in the country. And, it not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects only. As long as the rental unit meets the requirements of the program. Participants are free to choose where they want to live.

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Section 8 Housing in San Diego

In San Diego County, more than 15,000 households are provided with rental assistance through the San Diego Housing Commission. In fact, it is the San Diego Housing Commission’s largest program. However, there is a wait list to receive federal assistance through the SDHC. And, according to the SDHC, the average wait time is approximately 10 to 12 years. In the City of San Diego, a household can rent from any landlord in the San Diego County who accepts Section 8 rental assistance. But, in 2019 that all changes! The ordinance will prevent landlords from turning away tenants who receive Section 8 rental assistance. Consequently, no landlord will have the ability to legally reject an applicant based solely on their Section 8 status.

Section 8 Mandate

Currently, landlord participation in Section 8 is voluntary. More landlords would accept Section 8 if it weren’t an administrative nightmare. However, in 2019 that won’t matter. Under the amendment every landlord will be force to participate. On one hand, the San Diego City Council just wants to give renters a fair shot at housing. On the other hand, participating in what many describe as a dysfunctional program. May only exacerbate the shortage of affordable housing.

San Diego’s Proposed Ordinance

Starting in 2019, all rental property owners in the city of San Diego will be required to accept Section 8 housing vouchers. The proposed code amendment blocks landlords from rejecting applicants based solely on voucher status. While landlords will still retain their right to reject an applicant based on other rental criteria, they cannot deny an applicant based solely on voucher status. The change will require landlords to consider all people for tenancy with the ability to pay for a given unit including those who would pay using Section 8 vouchers.

Section 8

What You Need To Know About Section 8 in San Diego

Section 8 vouchers are not protected by law, which prohibits discrimination against tenants based on income source. Currently, local landlords can refuse to rent to certain individuals as a business practice. For this reason, the San Diego City Council wants to put an end to this type of discrimination. Under the code amendment, all San Diegans will have access to housing regardless of their Section 8 status. Implementation of San Diego’s proposed ordinance will take two years. In year one, the focus will be on voluntary compliance, landlord outreach, and education. And, year two will introduce investigation and enforcement services. The ordinance is also planning on establishing a $1 million landlord contingency fund for property damage, and for lost rent related to renters with vouchers.

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