Tenant Behavior

Tenant Behavior

Tenant Behavior

They say that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior and tenants are no different. In fact, past tenant behavior is what every good landlord should evaluate during the screening process. Screen a tenant right and you’ll get a good tenant with fewer problems. On the flip side, if you screen them wrong not only can you end up with a bad tenant you might even be looking at a time consuming eviction process down the line. And, who wants that!

From submitting fake references to a tenant that constantly disturbs the neighbors, not only does a landlord need to be concerned with bad tenant behavior, they also need to be aware of the good. With tenant personalities that range from perfect to disastrous, when it comes to paying rent, following lease terms, maintaining the property and communicating effectively, understanding common tenant behavior can help you manage bad tenants and even avoid them altogether.   

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post in not intended to be construed as legal advice.

Tenant Behavior

Good Tenant Behavior

The truth is, good tenants are hard to come by. Even when someone looks good on paper they may not be the best fit. The reality is, leasing to a new person can sometimes feel like a gamble. But, it does not have to be. You can reduce your risk of future issues by knowing the qualities of a good tenant. And, although it may be difficult to screen for, there are certain qualities that make someone stand out from the rest. With that in mind, below we list a few qualities of good tenants.

Good Qualities = Good Tenants:

Bad Tenant Behavior

In a perfect world, every tenant you deal with will pay rent promptly, avoid damaging the property, and be a responsible neighbor, thus making your job easy and rewarding. But, the world isn’t perfect. Whether you missed red flags, or something was hidden during the screening process, a lackadaisical approach to tenant selection can end up biting you in the end. With this in mind, we offer insight on bad tenant behaviors (red flags) to look out for at property showing:

Red Flags To Look For When Showing The Rental:

  • Appearance: a disheveled appearance often means their lifestyle and home will be the same
  • Behavior: did not wipe their shoes before entering the rental, speaks in a disrespectful manner
  • Insincere: always watch out for insincerity, it is a sign of lying
  • Uninterested: didn’t ask questions, didn’t fill out the rental application, and was not prepared

Learn About Your Tenants Before They Move-In

Finding a good tenant is like gold. You know they will respect your property, keep you informed, and, pay the rent on time. On the flip side, problem renters are bad tenants. Not only does this kind of tenant pay the rent late, but they also bring along bad behavior. The type of behavior that would make any landlord question their decision making skills. 

Remember, most of the time bad tenants are the result of an insufficient screening process. So, learn as much as you can about your potential tenants before they move-in. You can do this by using good screening procedures and by paying attention to behavior cues at the property showing.


The best way to avoid problem tenants down the road is to thoroughly screen potential ones. Although a strong tenant screening solution helps to sift out bad applicants, some troublemakers inevitably still find their way to your rental property. If you have questions about how to find good tenants or need help screening for them, please contact us.

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