Tenant Complaints

Tenant Complaints

Tenant Complaints 

Tenant Complaints do not always have to cause a conflict. While every situation is unique, there are ways to deal with tenant issues successfully. The reality is, no matter how well you maintain your rental property, some problems will arise. How you deal with a tenant complaint can have an impact on your reputation. And more often than not, it is the responsibility of the property manager to resolve the problem. All the more reason to ensure you have the right person for the job.

Handling tenants’ complaints in the right manner can go a long way….

Two Points of Caution

Whether it is you or your property manager who handles tenant complaints, use caution when doing so. Every situation is unique. People have different personalities and different trigger points. As a result, it can be difficult to gauge how someone will react when met with conflict. You have certain rights as a landlord, but so does your tenant. So, resolving a complaint is in your best interest.

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Common Types of Tenant Complaints 

From noisy neighbors and pets to pest problems and leaky faucets. There are endless things that a tenant can complain about. Regardless of what the complaint is, it is your responsibility to handle it. With this in mind, here are the five most common types of tenant complaints. 

Common Tenant Complaints

  1. Noisy Neighbors
  2. Maintenance Issues
  3. Pest Problems
  4. Pet Problems
  5. Cleanliness of Property or Tenants

My Air Isn’t Working, The Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Barking, The Neighbors Are Too Loud and I Can’t Sleep – Sound Familiar…

How to Deal With Tenant Complaints Successfully

It goes without saying that an understanding person is a calm person. By ensuring you are understanding, calm and professional your ability to successfully resolve the issue increases greatly. And, while you may have to adjust your response depending on the type of complaint, you should not change the manner in which you respond to the complaint.

Listen & Be Available 

It is very important to actually listen to what your tenant is telling you. Being respectful and understanding of your tenant’s issue may help to keep them calm. That said, make sure you are easy to reach. If a tenant feels as though it is too hard to get a hold of you, they may become frustrated. This does not mean a tenant should be able to reach you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best approach, have normal business hours during which time tenants can reach you.

Always Address Complaints in a Timely Manner

Depending on the type of complaint, you must be ready to respond if needed. How quickly you respond to a tenants’s issue, is an important factor to consider. This does not mean you have to drop what you are doing and respond to remedy the issue right away. However, things like a broken lock, broken window, or a leaky faucet, are items that need to be fixed quickly.

Tenant Complaints

When In Doubt

Hire a property management company to do the work for you. Property Management Companies like Rancho Mesa Properties deal directly with prospects and tenants. This saves you time, money, and the stress that comes along with managing your own rentals. By working with a property management company like us you never have to worry about collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, or even pursuing evictions. We do that for you!

Keep Calm
And Hire A Property Manager!