Tenant Problems

Tenant Problems

Tenant Problems

In property management, it is inevitable; at some point, you will have an issue with a tenant. From upkeep and repair issues to non-payment of rent, knowing how to resolve tenant problems can help save you money and avoid frustration. Whether it is a relatively mild dispute regarding how long a repair is taking, or a significant one over nonpayment of rent. As a landlord, you are a business owner, and therefore must remain professional in all of your interactions. Regardless of what tenant problems you are faced with, you should not change the manner in which you, the landlord respond. Knowing how to correct and guard yourself against tenant problems can mean the difference between being a successful rental property owner or not.

General Guidelines for Handling Tenant Problems

Anyone in the property management industry will admit, it is impossible to avoid tenant problems altogether. However, you can reduce conflict and maintain a good working relationship by maintaining your composure. Don’t allow your emotions to get in the way, and never take anything personally. Respond decisively, take accountability, and act responsibly. Handling tenant problems in the right manner can go a long way in alleviating your tenants concerns. With this in mind, we offer some insight on the most common tenant problems, and the best way to handle them.

Tenant Problems

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance issues are a problem for any rental property owner. And, the number of maintenance issues increase with the number of tenants you have and the number or properties you own. Regardless of any clause in your lease, in every state, a tenant has a basic right to a habitable home. Failing to make repairs to major problems can result in a tenant withholding rent, moving out, or taking other strong actions. We are talking about basic important items such as a roof that keeps the water out, water, heat, electricity, and sturdy floors and walls that are not in danger of collapse. To avoid tenant turnover and minimize tenant frustration, maintain your rental property in the same condition as it was on day one. While heating and plumbing problems should be addressed within 24 hours, less immediate repairs should be handled within 48 hours.

Lack of Communication

Whether you are a new landlord, or a seasoned one, owning a rental property is a business. And, with any business, communication is a key component. Nothing irks a tenant more then delayed or even nonexistent communication. No one wants to deal with a landlord who is never available. Tenants need to be treated well. After all, they are your customers and businesses need customers to thrive. With the right communication, landlords can keep their tenants happy, and avoid tenant turnover. Handle all tenant questions in a timely and effective manner. Remember, good tenants are hard to find, so value and respect them!

Problems with Neighbors

Tenants often reach out to their landlords with complaints about noisy neighbors. Complaints about noisy neighbors are a common, but tricky complaint. From a loud party, to a pet barking at all hours of the night, you have heard it all. But many times the cause of the problem is simply out of your control. Yet, the tenant still expects you to do something. Noise is everywhere around us. But when noise occurs in a rental property, it can cost landlord money. Noise is one of the most common complaints a landlord will get from their tenants. Although it can be difficult to control the noise level at the property, your tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment. So, it is imperative for landlords to resolve tenant noise complaints. For more information on San Diego County noise ordnance laws click here.

Solutions for Landlords

Let’s face it, property management is an important part of being a landlord, but it certainly isn’t easy. You have to screen tenants, collect the rent, deal with tenant complaintskeep your tenants happy, and do repairs and maintenance. All of these tasks can take a toll on any landlord, especially those who would rather not deal with these types of stressful property management tasks. Fortunately, there is hope. If this sounds like you, consider hiring a professional property management company like Rancho Mesa Properties. We help landlords in San Diego County and the surrounding areas with leasing services, maintenance, rent collections, evictions, and more. Call us today at (858) 576-2176. We will save you time, money, and the stress that comes along with managing your own rentals.