Tenant Turnover

Tenant Turnover

How to Minimize Tenant Turnover Time

Tenant turnover is a profitability killer for a landlord. Any time a unit sits vacant, it can cost hundreds if not thousands of revenue, and as a result, puts a serious dent in the year’s profit. While there is no way to avoid tenant turnover, as a landlord you can take steps to minimize it. Things like keeping your property in good shape by making repairs quickly and promptly can have a positive impact on how happy your residents are.

When, circumstances are outside of your control, like a tenant moving to another state or town, the best possible scenario as a rental property owner is minimizing your turnover time. The reality is, one month or two months that a rental property sits vacant, is one month or two months you are not making money.

Minimizing Tenant Turnover Time

Keeping rental properties full and assisting relocating tenants is always top priority for Rancho Mesa Properties. When residents need to relocate, residents give a 30-day written notice. Additionally, a detailed written breakdown of specific property items that need to be cleaned, checked or needed prior to moving is immediately sent. Additionally, our firm also offers to personally visit the property two weeks prior to move out. This meeting is to review, what, if any, work or cleaning is needed to be done. Our goal is to have no costs for property cleaning or damages to be deducted from property residents after move out.

Once a resident has given 30-day notice of relocation, Rancho Mesa Properties begins to market the rental property. First, we contact a list of rental prospects that let them know a new property is available. Next the unit’s data is imputed to top Internet rental sites. Full rental information includes general property description, details, numerous photos, and property location map. Additionally, our firm has a top independent designer and web optimizer keeping Rancho Mesa Properties companies web site at the top of the active San Diego rental Internet locations. Our office regularly updates these sites to keep our client’s rentals on top and drawing regular Internet client activity.

Tenant Turnover

Proactive Property Management

If cleaning, repairs or upgrade assistance is requested or needed by owners or residents. Rancho Mesa has a full supply of reasonable and capable service providers. From home carpet and general cleaning all the way to complete property remodels, our firm is ready. Many times residents want assistance on services to complete the property turnover. This help allows them to complete property obligations, but move on with their busy lives. Owners also appreciate being able to upgrade their properties with reasonable costs and quick turnaround.

Most relocating residents allow our firm to show the property for a few short times each week. These showings are of great help to our firm and owners. It is always most important to be courteous with the current resident’s time and schedules. Our agents work hard to keep good tenant and owner relations. This personal service builds the relationships that allow the trust and cooperation to make this important event move with safety, security, and assistance to help make relocation a positive experience.

Because We Are Available

Another big plus to current and future residents and owners is our business office is open seven days a week. Our goal is to be available during real people’s hours. For many people, it is hard to fit a regular 9 AM to 4 PM – Monday through Friday schedule in their busy lives. Documents and questions have staff available every day, except major holidays. Even then, 24-hour emergency services are available.

Rancho Mesa Properties strives to keep a careful and considerate balance between current resident’s privacy and our firms needs to release the dwelling quickly. Most residents respond fairly when treated respectfully in assisting in property showings. This has been a goal of our family business for over 100 years.